Price List European Union (.eu) (detailed » Shortform)

TLD REG MON P* Renew MON P*TransferP*Owner-
European Union .eu **8.70 0.72 12 **graduated prices ** 8.70 12 13.91 0.00 9, 30
**) Graduated prices ..., click Info (i) for more info.

All prices in EUR excl. VAT.

The prices (REG and Renew) are valid for the period P*, monthly prices are rounded. The cancellation period amounts 30 days. There are no set-up fees!

Fees are charged with the price REG or Renew for the period P* in advance and cannot be reimbursed. Domains cannot be exchanged or cancelled. Some domains have special underlying regulations and these are subject to different price plans and are not accounted for here (e.g. .cc, .tv, .fm, .ws, .bz premium domains). Each domain is bound by terms and conditions laid down by the registry in its national language. All domains are automatically renewed if your deposit account on 4reg.net is in credit at the time of the accounting maturity.

REGNew registration incl. charge for period P* in month
P*Period in month
RenewRenew charge for period P* in month
TransferDomain transfer incl. charge for period P* in month
Owner-ChangeChange owner of domain
UpdateUpdate whois information
REQRequirements on domain registration.
MONcomplies to a (rounded) monthly price of
InfoMore information and domain check

9Residence of the registrant in the EU required.
30Restore from other providers possible. Price: 69,00EUR for .eu / 69,00EUR for .be / 120,00EUR for .nl

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