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Special characters in domain names are converted into the so-called "punycode". You will find everything about this special character domains in our chapter

Our punycode converter will help you during the input of various special characters.

Select the desired TLD. You will receive a list of possible special characters by registering with 4reg.net. As an input assistance you can click on the appropriate special character, which is then transferred to your input field.

If you entered the domain name completely, click "convert" in order to get the punycode of the domain name.

For ordering an IDN you can enter both - the domain name with the special characters or the punycode. With the order at 4reg.net only the most usual special characters are supported. Some registries make possible numerous further special characters in addition from hundreds of written languages. If you are interested in such domain, please contact our support.


You will need a Unicode font installed in order to see as many glyphs as possible. While punycode is based on Unicode 3.2, there are no known fonts that support all glyphs defined therein. We recommend using Arial Unicode MS which is the most complete Unicode font available.
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