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We arranged a small library of programs and documents. Follow the links to the respective software provider websites and start your downloads up-to-date from there. Most of the software is free for personal use. Commercial usage requires mostly the purchase of software licenses.

Please contact the seller for detailed information about usage guidelines and license regulations.

4reg.net Tutorials

You will find in the following some guidances, how you have to accomplish various attitudes and/or procedures on our web page https://4reg.net.

If you should need further assistance, please read our FAQ section or contact our support.

Archive & Pack

For the efficient transmission of files in the InterNet or also for archiving on harddisks etc. files should be compressed in order to reduce transmission times and save storage space. With the following comprehension utilities you can "pack" and "unpack" files and multimedia files.


Possibly not always the by the operating system provided browser is the best choice for individual use or the most comfortable browser. In the following one you will find a small selection of browser software for downloading:

Backup & Security

The most important measures, which you should take hold of in handling your computer and the InterNet, are various safety arrangements. In addition thus belong at least virus protection and firewall programs as well as backup solutions, how the following programs for the downloading represent. Our download tips gives no warranty on topicality and ensures no perfect protection. They shall give you only an assistance on the subject of data security and data protection.

eMail Accounts & Clients

Here you will find some detailed instructions to configure your eMail accounts. For advancer the general settings in short form:

  • Account type: POP3
  • SMTP-Server: mail.YOUR_Domainname.xxx
  • POP3-Server: mail.YOUR_Domainname.xxx
  • Username: The name of your complete eMail account (e.g. support@4reg.net)
  • Additionally you have to activate the option "Server requires authentication" within the server settings of your mail account.
You can test your eMail account by sending an eMail at echo@4reg.net. This receiver sends you automatically an feedback to your eMail account. If you receive this eMail, your mail account works well.

4reg.net Tutorials


For Microsoft products (Outlook, Outlook express) visit please the web page

FTP Connection

In order to be able to transmit data to your homepage, you need an ftp program.

In the following one you will find a selection of different ftp programs. The programs marked as Shareware usually must be registered after a test period of 30 days with the software producer.

As freeware characterized programs can be used for an unrestricted period free of charge. Please consider the license regulations of the respective program.

4reg.net Tutorials

The name of the starting page of your web site has to be index.htm or index.html (or index.php, index.cgi, index.cfm, index.asp depending on the script language) in order to show your homepage automatically.

You set up username and password for your FTP account(s) on "Control Panel / FTP-Accounts".

The FTP server address is: ftp.YOUR-Domainname.xxx (e.g. "ftp.4reg.net"), Port 21.


Publishing Tools

In order to arrange your homepage - depending upon previous knowledge and desires - various programs, editors and help systems offer themselves, from which we would like to present and offer for download a few in the following.

Remote Access

By remote access (remote control) you can access distant computers in the InterNet. This software is interesting for you, if you set up your own server with us or rented a dedicated server with us.

There are various programs for the remote control of a computer, which are partially free.

Server Software

If you set up your own server, you will need some server software. Naturally this depends on the respective targeted application (ftp server, eMail server, web server etc.) - therefore here we want to present to you only some few fundamental programs.

Spam Protection

Our eMail servers are already equipped with spam- and virus protection filters. We work with constant updated black lists, spam assassin and bayesian filters, whereby according to certain rules spam mails become recognized and filtered.

Nevertheless it cannot be avoided to 100% that spam mails reach your mail box. In order to obtain an additional protection, you can extend your eMail client by a spam protection.


Apart from the categories already specified you probably need the one or other tool, in order to complete your web applications or to facilitate and/or make the InterNet browsing possible. For this e.g. programs or plug-ins like a PDF Reader or a flash player are required.

Virus Check

The most important protection your computer needs, is a virus protection. Keep always actual care to these and take the threat by viruses, worms and spyware from the InterNet particularly seriously. You will find following links to some offerers of virus protection software.

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