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FAQs on name servers and name server tests

A domain name has name servers entered for it. Why it is still not possible to find the website?

There are several possible causes for this situation:

Although name servers have been entered, it is possible that they are not (or no longer) correctly configured.

It may be that the web server is not yet ready. That might be because it has not yet been set up or because the data has not yet been installed on it.

If you have just changed providers, it may take a few hours or even several days until all queries, no matter where in the world they originate from, are correctly routed through the new name servers.

How can I check the configuration of the name servers for a particular domain name?

In your account, select the options "Control Panel / Name Server". You can then enter the domain name and launch the test.

How long does it take for name server updates to take effect in the internet?

In the case of name server updates or new entries, however, it may take a few hours or even several days until all queries, from all parts of the world, are correctly routed through the new name server entries.

Is it mandatory that the name servers required to host my .us domain name be located in the United States?

Yes. It is a requirement of the registry, that name servers for .us domain names are located in the U.S or any of its territories.

Is it possible to register a domain name without name servers?

Domain names ending in .ch and .li can be registered without name servers. However, they will not work in the internet. Other TLDs expects in principle for example 2 name server entries. For this reason a registration without name servers is not possible with 4reg.net.

What are name servers?

Name servers (which are sometimes called DNS servers) ensure that your domain name can be found in the internet. What they do is to translate the domain name into the IP address of the computer sought (i.e. the one holding your website). For a domain name to work at all in the internet, at least one name server must be configured for it, and it must be registered in the entry for that particular domain name.

What is a primary and secondary name server?

Domain names would still work with only one name server but the requirement to have at least 2 name servers has become a protocol (accepted standard) across the internet. This is a back-up system, so that if the primary name server is too busy or for some reason unable to answer queries about a particular domain name, the secondary name server will be able to answer the queries instead.

The information stored about a domain name on the primary and secondary name servers is exactly the same. The primary name server acts as a master and the secondary name server periodically updates information from it.

What is the difference between delegation and redelegation?

Delegation is done at the time of registration wherein you assign your domain name to a designated computer that has domain name hosting capabilities.

This enables your domain name to be used as a web address or email address. Once your domain name is registered and delegated to a host computer, you may choose to change the hosting details. The process of changing the hosting details is referred to as redelegation.

What will be checked with the name server test?

Our name server test checks the configuration of particular name servers for a given domain name. The test includes various different criteria. Firstly, the name server must be accessible. Secondly, it ought also to respond correctly for the domain name.

If you want to find out what precisely is tested and how the results are evaluated, the best way is to perform an actual name server test. You will receive an initial feedback regarding the result of the test.

The test results are saved and displayed next to the domain name concerned. The date next to the symbol tells you when the most recent name server test was performed.

Where do I get my name server?

One primary and three secondary name servers are automatically provided by us free with each domain registration. In the domain management there is the possibility to modify the name server settings by yourself - e.g. to forward the domain to your own web server or web space.

Where can I get name servers for my domain name?

The name servers are setted up automatically by us, if you register your domain name. Alternatively you can register own name servers and make changes at any time.

With the purchase of a domain to all appearances I have the possibility to select between several name servers offered by you. This confuses me. According to which criteria should I make this selection?

Make the selection of the name servers given by us as you please - decide simply, which name server name you like the most. As reseller perhaps you wish a neutral server name such as ns1.ns21.de. If you are not from Germany, perhaps you prefer ns1.ns26.com. In the functionality of the selected name servers no difference exists.

Only no name servers may be doubly selected, i.e. name server 1 and name server 2 (as well as optionally 3 and 4) must be different.

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