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FAQs on the administration of domain names

Administering my domain names

In your domain list you can select those domain names you want to work on. You can choose between working on just one domain or on several domain names at once.

You can perform any of the following actions on the domain names you have selected:

1. Enter, change or remove name servers (activation, provider change)
2. Transfer domain names to another holder
3. Enter a changed technical contact
4. Delete domain names (cancel)
5. Test name servers

Renewing/extending the registration (renewing the subscription)

You extend or renew your subscription for a domain name by paying the annual fee for the next year. You will receive a bill by eMail 8 weeks before the subscription period ends. This is to be paid until at the latest 30 days before the extension date, otherwise the domain name is not extended and is returned by us to the appropriate NIC. Note that you will loose all rights to the domain registration.

Transferring domain names to other holders

If you want to transfer a domain name to another holder, you can do so from your account. Log in (which will take you directly to the list of your domain names), place a cross next to the domain name you want to transfer, then click "Edit marked lines". On the next page, continue with the "transfer" option next to the entry of the holder. 4reg.net insists on receiving written confirmation for each domain name to be transferred, even for domain names for which you are the holder. The holder will be sent an eMail or fax asking for confirmation. It is only once this has been returned with an OK that the transfer will be completed. Note: in the case of a transfer with some TLDs could effectadditional costs - see price list.

Can I delete an account?

No. Addresses that no longer have any domain names linked to them are automatically removed from the 4reg.net database after a certain period of time.

How do I administer domain names and contact data? How do I request updates and deletions?

It is always in your account where you can administer domain names, contact data and name servers and also can request updates and deletions. To access your account you must first of all log in with your User ID and password. You will find all the necessary options for these transactions in your account.

How do I delete a domain name?

You can request the deletion of one or more domain names from your account. In the list of your domain names, select the one(s) you want to delete and click "Edit marked lines" and afterwards "delete". 4reg.net insists on receiving written confirmation for each domain name to be deleted, even when deleting domain names for which you are the holder. The holder is automatically notified of the deletion request by eMail or fax and given the necessary further instructions.

Note: 4reg.net requires a period of notice of 30 days for the deletion of domain names. If you are contemplating deleting a domain name you must make sure that you submit the request for deletion to 4reg.net at the latest 30 days before the current subscription period expires. If you submit your request later than that, you will still have to pay for the next subscription period. The decisive point in time is not the actual date of the deletion but the date on which 4reg.net receives the request for deletion, i.e. the confirmation for the deletion.

Note: if you withdraw from the contract to host your website, that does not mean that your domain name is deleted as well. If you really do not need your domain name any more, you have to delete them in a separate step like shown here.

How do I modify/update addresses or other contact data? (such as if I am moving house, find a mistake or want a changed technical address)

It is very important to differentiate whether the contact details or the domain name entry must be changed.

Changes of the invoice recipient or your address in the contact details do not have influence on the data of the domain names.

In order to register another person or company as owner, Admin-C or technical contact, you have to change the appropriate "handle" entry. The change of a handle affects automatically all domain names, which acted with this handle while registration. If a handle acts for several domains as technical contact at the same time and you want to change the technical contact exclusively for only one domain name, a new handle has to be generated - if not yet available - for the new technical contact.

How do I check/update my contact data?

It is easy to check the data for your account. Assuming you are logged in, select the "Control Panel / General Settings" option in the upper part of the navigation block. You can now type in any changes that may be required. These take effect at once and do not need any further confirmation.

I cannot log-in. How can I order my password?

If you want to have your password sent to you, select "Control Panel / Forgot Password" - in the upper part of the navigation block. If you know your User ID, you can enter this, otherwise you have to enter one of your domain names. For reasons of data protection, it is not possible to display the destination to which the password is sent. If you do not receive your password within a matter of minutes by eMail, you should contact our support.

Is it possible to modify a domain name?

No. Once a domain name has been registered, it is impossible to modify it. If you decide you do not want the domain name you have registered, you will have to delete it and make a new application for the one you really want. Alternatively, you can keep the name already registered and register a new one as well.

It is possible to change the user ID and/or the password?

You can never change your User ID. On the other hand, you can change your password. Assuming you are logged in, select "Control Panel / Change password" in the upper part of the navigation block.

Where can I see what domain names I have?

You will find a list of your domain names in your account. Choose the "Control Panel / Domains" item in the upper part of the navigation block to call up this list. Alternatively, you can use the search function to look for a particular domain name in your list.

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