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How do I open an user account?

You can open a new User-Account during the registration of a new domain name or in a separate step. After the opening of your User-Account you will receive your User-ID and password by email or fax.

After that you can continue with the registration of your domain name.

What does 4reg.net need my address and other contact data for?

4reg.net needs this information, firstly, so that there is no doubt regarding the identity of the holder (the contractual partner). Secondly we use this data to circulate information about domain names and to send out individual bills. Up-to-date contact data is therefore very important in connection with your domain name.

If the contact data is incomplete or not up-to-date, there is a risk that important messages or bills will not reach their intended destination.

What is a User ID?

The user ID is a number, which is assigned to an User-Account when it is forst opened. It is used in order to identify a User-Account absolutely uniquely. Your User-ID as well as your password is sent to you by email or fax after you set up your User-Account. When you log in on our website with User-ID and password, you are taken straight to your account. The User-ID cannot be changed.

What is an user account?

Firstly an "User-Account" is the name given to a User-ID and all user data goes with it (e.g. basically the address recorded for a customer). Secondlay it designates the part of our website, where you can administer your domain names once you have logged in.

In order to register domain names and to administer it later on, you first must have an User-Account. You can set up your User-Account during the registration of your first domain name or also in a separate step. After the opening of your User-Account you will receive your User-ID and your password by email or fax.

To register and administer one or more domain names, only one User-Account is necessary - unless you needs for example bills to different names/addresses (company/private).

What is the purpose of the user ID and password?

You need your User-ID and your password to be able to log in into your User-Account on our web page. After logging in you have secure access to your domain names, your contact details etc.

In your User-Account there is a lot you can do in relation to your domain names, email addresses and webhosting-plan.

Please keep your User-ID and your password extremely carefully and never let anyone else knwo your password. Otherwise, they will have unrestricted access to your domain names and contact details.

It is possible for you to change your password and, indeed, you are recommended to do so every now and then.

Which items of my contact data are made public?

The "Whois" data bases of the registries publish your name and address, partly also telephone number and email.

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