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Can I create handles for other persons?

Yes. You can create and edit handles for any person or company. When ordering a domain name simply select the handle with the correct data for the domain owner, sometimes (with own web server and/or name server) also the handles for the technical contact (Tech-C) and the zone contact (Zone-C).

You can also change the handle data at any time (and thus the domain owner, technical contact and zone contact) for your domains in your domain management.

Can I delete an existing handle?

Yes, if no more domains with this handle are administrated and the handle is not used as default for your domain registrations.

The handle is deleted only in our data base - a deletion with the registrar is not possible.

Can I take over existing handles from another provider?

No, an assumption of external handles is not possible.

How can I check my handle data?

Select "Domain Management / Handles" in the Control Panel menu. It opens the Handle Management with the panel "View handles".

If you created several handles, you can select in a rollup the appropriate handle to view the stored data. At the same time it is shown to you, with which domain registrations this handle is used.

You can create as many as desired handles - e.g. with different data for private or business use. Please keep the data always up-to-date. Incorrect or outdated data can lead on the part of the appropriate NICs to the loss of the domain name!

How can I modify a handle?

Select "Domain Management / Handles" in the Control Center and afterwards the panel "Edit Handles".

In the rollup (with several existing handles) select the desired handle and click on "edit".

The up-to-date stored data are now indicated to you. You can change all fields excluding first name and last name. An existing handle can not be deleted.

How do I create a new handle?

Select in the Control Panel "Domain Management / Handles" and afterwards the panel "Create new handle".

Fill out the necessary data and click on "create". A new handle is immediately active and can be used for domain registration or domain updates.

How much different handles can I create?

You can create as much handles as you need.

Is it, that you need different handles for private or business purposes or different handles for the owner (holder), Tech-C or Zone-C or if you would like to administer domains for third with their data.

However, please keep all handle data always up-to-date. Incorrect or outdated entries can lead on the part of the appropriate NIC to the loss of the domain.

I have created a handle or modified a handle. When will the changes take effect?

Immediately. New handles are active right after creation and can be used immediately.

Changes in handles are likewise actively within fewer seconds until minutes with the NICs whois-queries.

I have made a mistake by creating a new handle. What to do?

You can edit the handle data. Select the panel "Edit Handles" in the menu "Handles" under "Control Panel / Domain Management".

My handle status begins with an "E". I cannot order domains. What do I have to do?

An "E" at the beginning of the status message means, that your handle was not updated successfully. Our system then automatically avoids orders with an incorrect handle.

Please contact our support in order to solve the problem.

What do the status message mean?

The status messages are indicating the last handle actualization status.

Messages beginning with an E are indicating an error. The handle could not be created or updated.

Messages beginning with N are indicating, that the actualization was started, but are not yet final. It takes usually only few seconds, until a further status message takes place. You can see a message tracking in the Domain Management / Handles / Handle Logging.

Messages beginning with an S are indicating, that the last action was completed successfully.

What is a handle key?

You need the handle key in order to update a handle.

This is a safety mechanism, which is to prevent that someone can update your handle - and thus the rights at all domains, which are registered with the handle - which logged in unauthorized with your User-ID and your password at 4reg.net.

What means "Handle Logging"?

"Handle Logging" lists the last 50 actions in the Handle Management.

So you can pursue for example whether an update was correctly accomplished or find out the error, if the handle could not be updated.


status: E0302 [Handle konnte nicht aktualisiert werden.]
error: EF00525 [Wert kann per update nicht veraendert werden.]
error_value: organization: IT-NetContent Cyprus

The above-mentioned message from the Handle Logging means, that the company name could not be changed.

What means "Handle"?

Handles are used for the identification of the owner of a domain name. The domain handle contains the owner data of the domain name and includes the company name, first name and last name, telephone number, fax number, complete address and the owners email-address. A whois-query of the domain name with the responsible NIC publishes the handle data for anyone worldwide. Some NICs limit the announcement, e.g. DENIC does not indicate the telephone number, fax number and email address of the owner.

4reg.net does not have influence, which data the appropriate NIC publishes. For the registration of domains a handle is necessarily. You can register all your domains with the same handle. The appropriate data are mandatory.

What means Handle "Protection"?

The protection level indicates, which data will be visible or not with a whois-query. This exclusively refers to .DE-domains.

Level A: all data are accessible
Level B: telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses are protected

Note: Also by choosing level B all data must be specified when creating a handle.

Where do I find the handle key?

The handle key was send to you in the confirmation eMail (attaching pdf file) when creating the handle.

You can review all pdf files on the menu item "Control Center / Status & Accounting" or send them again by eMail.

Which effect on my domains has a change of my handle data?

The handle is as it were your "business card" with the whois entries of the registries.

A change of the handle affects all with this handle registered domains, whose whois entries are indicated immediately with the new data.

Why sometimes a handle update is not successful?

Usually that is because of the fact that you tried to change the company name.

Depending on the TLD a handle is used for, a change of the company name is not possible - e.g. with .EU-domains.

If a change of the company name should not be the reason for the fact, that you can not edit the handle, please try it again and contact our support, should the problem remains existing.

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