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Questions about the Domain Management

Can I download other log files than them of last month for 4reg-only domains?

No. For domain registrations we only provide the download for the last months log file.

Can the domain key be modified?

No. The domain key is unchangeable. You never run the risk to loose or forget the key.

You only need to click the pdf icon in order to call up the confirmation file, where the key is registered.

For what all the security measures?

The domain management allows you to modify the name server settings and to proceed domain owner updates.

For this reason the domain management is protected by the domain or master key. The height of your safety level you determine by authorizing your master key.

How can I start a domain transfer to 4reg.net?

The procedure is described detailed under the menu option "Domain Transfer (KK)".

After you transmitted the PDF file to your old provider and to us, please click on the icon with the blue arrow to start the transfer. Your old provider has five days time in order to answer the transfer request. If this should be rejected, make sure, that the written notice has reached. You can start the transfer again to give your old provider the possibility for agreeing by LATE-ACK.

How to change the level?

You can change the security level by modifying the master key settings.

This you will find in the Control Panel / User Account / Personal Settings / Master Key.

Domain Key: yes=Master key is authorised for the access to the domain management for all domains=standard security level

Domain Key: no=Master key is not authorised for the access to the domain management for all domains - the individual domain key has to be entered=highest security level

I lost my domain key. How can I work on the the domain now?

No domain key can be lost. In your Domain Management / Domains / Overview you find a pdf icon to the left of each domain name, which indicates you the pdf confirmation file of the domain registration by click. This contains the domain key. However in order to be able to read the file, you need your master key for safety reasons.

I ordered a premium domain name and would like to accept the 4reg.net offer. What do I have to do?

Please confirm the order in the Domain Management / Domains / Pending Orders by click on the green icon with the checkmark.

I want to quit a domain name or start a domain transfer to another provider. What do I have to do?

Select the menu item "Domain Management / Domains" and log-in in the overview with your domain-key to the Domain Management Access.

Select the menu option "Domain Settings".

In order to quit a domain until the end of the running period, set "automatically renewal" to "no".
In order to quit a domain immediately, click the button "close domain".

To move the domain to another provider, set "automatically renewal" to "no" and start the domain transfer with your new provider.

I want to start a domain transfer for a .DE domain, but I don't have an authcode. What do I have to do?

With .DE domains an authcode is assigned only on request. If you not requested and received an authcode, leave the input field empty.

Where do I find a list of my registered domains?

The sub menu "Overview" in the Domain Management lists all your with 4reg.net registered domains.

Click the note pad icon in order to log-in to the domain access. You need your domain key, which was sent to you with the registration confirmation.
The domain access allows you to create subdomains, configure the name servers, change domain data, quit domain etc.

Wherefore are the domain keys?

If you disable the master key authorisation for the domain management access, you activate the highest security level of this system.

To get access to the domain management, you need the individual domain key of each domain, which was sent to you with the domain registration confirmation.

Wherefore do I need the master key?

On the one hand you need the master key to get access to all pdf files.

On the other hand you authorise the master key to get access to the domain management for all domains.

Which PDF files are shown in the domain management?

The menu item "Overview" indicates depending upon status of the domain either the registration confirmation or the order confirmation, with the menu item "Pending orders" you will see the order confirmation or our quotation.

Which security level should I choose?

Usually it is sufficient to work with activated master key authorisation for the access security of the domain management.

However this depends on your personal security needs. We have numerous customers, who wish a very high safety level and other ones, for which the security is sufficient by log-in password and master-key. Thus you can decide by yourself, which security level you would like to select.

Why does the price indicated in the CSV file does not correspond to the price I payed with domain registration?

The price indicated in the CSV file corresponds to the renewal price, which is to be paid with the next domain renewal period.

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