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How can I check my POP3 account?

After you set up your eMail address in your mail client, you can send an eMail to echo@4reg.net. You will get an answer immediately, if your account is working fine. Otherwise please check your settings in your mail client.

How can I set up the autoresponder?

Please log-in on emailaccess.4reg.net. In order to configure the auto responder, please choose the menu option Web-Mail / Settings / Auto Responder.

How do I have to configurate a POP3 account in my eMail client?

How to configure your eMail client:

Account name=eMail address
POP3 server=mail.4reg.net
SMTP server=mail.4reg.net

Activate the check boxes SMTP server requires authentication and Use same settings like POP3 server!

Special note for AOL users: Set the SMTP port from 25 to 587.

Is it possible, to forward eMails to several destinations?

An eMail account, which is configured as forwarding, can be forwarded to several destination addresses.

Please log-in on emailaccess.4reg.net. With creating the forwarding account, please enter only one destination address!

By clicking the editpad icon in the account manager, you can edit the forwarding.

There are two input fields available, where you can enter the destination addresses - maximally up to the length of the fields (127 and 255 characters). Thus you can enter as much destination addresses as the length of the fields allow.

Separate each destination address with a space from the next one.

What is the difference between POP3 and forwarding?

With a POP3 account you store your eMail on our mail server. Then you set uo your mail client (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Eudora, Outlook) to download your mail directly from our mail server. Note: You cannot use POP3 for a particular mail account if you have forwarding turned on for that account.

FORWARDING is, if our mail server forwards your eMails to the chosen eMail address instead of storing it on our mail server.

What means catchrest and how to set up?

A catchrest account catches all eMails to your domain name, where no eMail account is created.

Example: Somebody sends an eMail to webmaster@4reg.net, but this eMail account does not exist. With an existing catchrest account, this eMail will be caught and forwarded to the given destination address(es) - otherwise the eMail cannot be delivered.

Please note, that you will have a higher volume of SPAM eMails, if you create a catchrest account.

Where can I modify my POP3 password?

To modify the POP3 password, please choose Web-Mail / Settings / Accounts / modify on emailaccess.4reg.net.

Which data are uses used as a basis for the traffic measurement?

The statistics in the eMail Manager alternatively the bytes/number of messages of the last 3 months are shown. Differences becomes thereby between sent and received bytes/messages.

Only your sent bytes are used as basis for the monthly measurement of the data transfer volume.

Why do I need my domain key each time in order to modify a setting?

The safety settings and - requirements at 4reg.net are high and serve your own protection. If you manage many domains, it stands to reason, that you do not have all domain keys at hand ad-hoc. You can assign in your user account an authorizing, which permits you to enter your master key in place of the domain keys, so that you have access with the same password to all domains. Note however, that this is lower security level than the standard setting.

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