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How does the password reminder works?

The passwords reminder reminds you in the selected timeframe by email of the renewal of your password.

How does the password security check works?

The security check examines your password among other things according to the following criteria:

- contains letters
- contains numbers
- contains special characters

In order to receive a green evaluation, you must use belong other criteria at least 1 special characters, 1 number, one lower case letter and 1 upper case letter in your password.
Passwords, which do not fulfill the necessary criteria, are red colored. The security check effected without guarantee and is only to give you an assistance with the selection of your password.

How often should I change my password?

We recommend to change your password at least every 90 days.

How should I choose the password question/answer?

Select a password question, you easily remember if you forgot your password - but select the answer in such a way, that nobody knows the answer except yourself.

You can e.g. provide the answer with special characters. Even if someone knows the name of your pet he still not know, which input type you have chosen.


Name of your pet: BUSTER
Input type of the answer: %bu%st%er%

Consider the same also with the master keys question!

I received an eMail, that my account has been blocked because of repeated misentry of the password. What does that mean?

You (or somebody else) entered an incorrect password to your User-ID several times within a certain timeframe.

For safety reasons thereupon your account was blocked and a new password assigned. You can waive the blockade by reset the password over the menu item "Forgot Password". Therefore you need your password phrase. The new password will be send to your eMail account, which is stored in your customer data, if the answer is correct.

If the misentry was not caused by you, it can be, that e.g. another customer of 4reg.net entered a wrong customer number (in place of his own). However it can be exactly the same that someone tried with bad-willing intention to log in with your customer data.

Therefore please keep your log in data always top secret, change your password in regular intervals and use letters, numbers and special characters in order to get a greatest possible password security.

What is a master key?

You need the master key for the access to your document folder.

Since all contract data are stored as .pdf files here, among other files your confirmations for handles and domain registrations including the handle and domain keys, the document folder is protected additionally.

If someone should log-in unauthorized with your User-ID and your password at 4reg.net, he cannot check your handle and domain keys in order to make appropriate updates - e.g. owner data of your domains - unless someone got hold not only of your log-in password but also of your master key or your other passwords (keys).

Keep the master keys just like all your further passwords always TOP secret. The master key must not accord with the log-in password.

Also you can authorize the master key to be used with updates in place of the individual keys.

This is reasonable, if your domain key or your handle key is not on hand or if you like to make bulk domain updates.

By default you should choose "no" for the authorization.

What means preferred language at Personal settings / Defaults?

With the preferred language you set your standard for the output on 4reg.net and your correspondence with us.

You can change the language during a session at will - at each new session you are logged in automatically in the preferred language. Likewise the correspondence is always maintained in the "preferred language".

Which effects does have the modifying of the password in the personal settings?

With a change of the password in the personal settings you change your log-in password for your customer account on secure.4reg.net.

This password is valid for your Log-in and for the protected server directories, where your documents (contract documents, invoices etc.) are stored. FTP and eMail accounts etc. can have other passwords.

Why do I have to enter the master key phrase first to modify the master key settings, while my password phrase is shown openly?

With your log-in password alone no unauthorised third can do particularly much, since all accesses to relevant data (e.g. pdf files with handle and domain keys) are not possible without domain key, handle keys or email password. If thus someone logged in unauthorized with your password, he can modify some settings like the password (about what you receive a report by email), but he cannot cause damages, e.g. by changing handle data.

Naturally also the unauthorized log-in with your password nevertheless means a high risk insofar, that numerous orders in your name could be processed!

However if someone would know or could check your master key, he could transfer all your domains on himself.

From there again our urgent request to keep your passwords always secret and change them regularly!

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