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How long does it take until Paypal confirms my payment?

Usually few seconds, maximally a few minutes. Your Paypal payment is credited to your customer account immediately, as soon as the report of Paypal was received. This takes place fully automatic.

How long does it take until my transfer is credited?

Our account is examined daily several times for receipts of payment. Transfers within the European Union do usually not last more than 1 - 3 working-days. If a transfer should last longer, please ask your bank for the reason.

I would like to request direct debit, credit card payment or payment by bank transfer. What do I have to do?

Please call up in your control center the menu item "User Account / General Settings". Here you can request the payment methods and find further information in the help area.

My purchase value amounts only to 10.00 euros. Why do I have to deposit a higher amount, in order to complete the order?

Please examine your account balance with 4reg.net. An order can only be completed, if the account is balanced and there are sufficient assets for the new order.

Why I cannot post my shopping cart purchase?

Both your orders in the shopping cart (therefore domain registration) and orders or extensions for webhosting and server plans can be posted only if your 4reg.net customer account has sufficient assets for the order.

Please start a payment by transfer on our bank account or fill up your 4reg.net assets with a Paypal payment. Afterwards all your orders are executed immediately in the context of your assets, in particular live registration.

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