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How safe is credit card payment?

4reg.net sees itself obligated to the security of your information. In order to prevent an unauthorized entrance or an unauthorized disclosure, to ensure the correctness of the data and to guarantee the entitled use of the data, we arranged appropriate physical, electronic and administrative procedures to secure and protect the information, which we inquire on-line. During inquiry, forwarding and storage of sensitive data such as credit card information we use ciphering methods.

More information:

How safe is the direct debit method?

The owner of an account can use the period granted of his bank in the direct debit authorization procedure for the return of each individual debit. Return is only possible, if the debit on the account was booked. The cost of return is payable by the presentor according to existing law. However he can demand these costs against the account holder if the debit had taken place accordingly as stipulated.

Further information about direct debit you will find on

How much are the costs incurred because charge back of a debit note or credit card?

The collecting bank debits in each case a 3,- Euro fee, which is payable by you should the debit was submitted contractually. With credit card charge backs the fee amounts 50,- Euro. The resulted costs are loaded automatically to your customer account.

I am from outside the EU. Have I to pay VAT?

No, you will receive value added tax-free invoices, thus to the indicated net prices in our price lists.

I receive an error message with registering the VAT-ID number. What do I have to do?

Check your input for possible input errors. Please note, that your input is examined on-line at the European Commission, department of taxation and customs union. This service is not available around the clock in each country.
(see Taxation and Customs Union)

If you have further questions or problems with a certain error message, please copy the error message and send it to our support.

My last name has been changed, but I cannot edit them?

If your last name changed by marriage or other reason, please send us an appropriate proof by letter post, fax or email (e.g. marriage certificate).

Our support team will make the adjustment.

What happens, if I quit the direct debiting method/credit card payment?

If you quit your direct debit/credit card authorization, your bank account data/card data are deleted by us. If still shortly before created invoices should be already in the bank run, these are deducted nevertheless due to the overlap. Future invoices can be settled by the alternatively offered payment methods.

What is a VAT-ID number and where can I get one?

Who would like to participate as entrepreneur in the cross-border trading within the European Union, to supply or acquire goods and services within the EU, needs a value added tax identification number (VAT-ID number) additionally specified to the companies tax number.

Please ask your tax accountant whether you are justified to request a VAT-ID number and where you can make the applikation.

Customers from Germany can place an on-line request at the "Bundeszentralamt für Steuern":

http://formulare-bmf.de (Formularcenter / Umsatzsteuer)

What is the correct format for the input of telephone/fax numbers?

The input of telephone numbers is expected by the most domain registries in the international format. Therefore please format your input as follows:

+Countrycode-Areacode-Phonenumber, e.g. +357-26-923407

What means c/o before the company name?

We accept during the customer registration only individual persons, whose liabilities are not limited. As addressee and/or invoice recipient a company name can be added.

The company name is marked by c/o (care of) to clarify, that the actual contractual partner is reachable under the companies address.

What means IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) Codes?

International Bank Account Number.
An internationally standardized account number, consisting of the ISO country code (two digits), a check numer (two digits), the national bank code (in Germany the bank code number) and the account number. The length of the IBAN is different depending upon country (max. 34 alphanumeric digits), but uniformly within a country.

Bank ldentifier Code, : also mentioned SWIFT Code, a world-wide unique name for a bank.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications; Belgian organization, providing for telecommunications between banks world-wide. The Swift code is the same like the Bank Identifier Code (BIC). See BIC.

Where do you check the validity of a VAT-ID?

At the web site

Here you will find also various questions and answers around the topic VAT-ID.

Why I cannot enter a VAT-ID?

The reason, why you cannot enter a VAT-ID is probably because of the fact that you indicated a country as billing address, which does not belong to the European Union (EU) or because your billing address is in Cyprus.

Customers from Cyprus must pay 19% VAT - likewise customers, whose billing address is in an EU-country and whom have no valid value added tax identification number.

Why need the participation of the debit direct and/or credit card payment/bank transfer to be requested and enabled by the support first?

The participation in one of the specified payment methods presupposes a positive credit rating. Our support enables the participation as soon as the information is present over an assigned encashment company and if not already arose repeated difficulties in the past with the requested payment method.

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