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Data centre Cologne

Location and Details

  • Cologne, Germany
  • False Floor
  • Automatic Alarm
  • Fire alarm system with direct binding to the fire-brigade
  • Argon gas fire extinguishing system
  • Video monitoring
  • Diesel generators 500,000 VA/3000 liters tank
  • Redundant glass fiber network
  • USV: 450,000 VA
  • Efficient air condition technology (8 redundant air conditioners)
  • Binding to 6.5 GBit/s

Fire Alarm System

If by the fire alarm system an early warning is released, the air conditioning system is switched off automatically in order to prevent a further supply of oxygen. The smoke arrives at the optical smoke detectors of the fire alarm system and activates the main alarm.

Argon Gas Fire Extinguishing System

With a main alarm the area concerned with the argon gas is flooded. This gas extracts the fire energy from the fire and is innocuous for humans and servers.

Electrical Power Supply

No-break electronically power supply with accumulators and diesel generator. The accumulators supply energy on a power failure until the diesel sets of the company MAN are started and taken over the load.

  • Supply over the Rhine energy AG
  • 500,000 VA oil-insulated transformer
  • USV Diesel installation
  • Switching time: 0.00 seconds
  • Fuel supply for approx. 24 hours with full load (2 x of 2,000 liters of Diesel)
  • Constant monitoring of the installation by EDP

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